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Projectors and document visualisers are changing the way that businesses present information and deliver sales messages. These devices enable businesses to harness the power of audio and visuals to make a lasting impression on their audience.

What are projectors and document visualisers?

A projector is a hardware device that projects an image onto a flat surface. It utilises a light source, electronics and an optics system to display an image or video in a size large enough for a group of people to view. The term encompasses devices such as overheads, slide projectors and film projectors. With older projection technology, such as overhead projectors, the image to be displayed had to first be transferred to a transparency. Today’s projectors can be connected to a video device or computer to display videos, images, documents and PowerPoint presentations.

A document visualiser is a device that enables you to project a live image of a document or object. The document visualiser outputs the image to a display device where it is then projected onto a monitor or screen. You may also hear them referred to as “document cameras” or “live cameras.”

Though it’s called a document visualiser, you are by no means limited to displaying documents. What makes document visualisers unique is their ability to display virtually anything, even 3-D objects. Photos, drawings, x-rays, slides, paper and transparencies can all be picked up and displayed by a document visualiser.

How do projectors help businesses?

Projectors enable businesses to give multimedia presentations. Through sounds, video, animated graphics and music, you are better able to engage your audience. It can be difficult to hold your audience’s attention by mere speech alone. With a projector you can display images to reinforce your message or illustrate a certain point. Visual cues will help your audience retain the information you’re presenting.

The ability to display the Internet is a valuable teaching aid. As mentioned above, projectors can be connected to computers. By connecting your projector to a computer, you are able to display websites, which allows you to give your audience a virtual tour and demonstrate its various features. You can use the projector to instruct employees on how to use certain functions of the company’s intranet. You can also pair up your projector with a computer in order to train employees on new software.

Portable projectors are an invaluable tool for those who travel to make presentations and give sales pitches. With just a laptop and a small projector, you have your full media arsenal at your fingertips. It is a practical, convenient way to present information on business trips.

Projectors benefit businesses in less obvious ways as well. For example, a one-time investment in a projector can save your business money on photocopies and handouts. Instead, you can simply project the information onto a screen for the all attendees to see. In addition to saving on paper and ink, you’ll also be saving time that could be used more productively.


Projectors and document visualisers rely on basic technology that businesses have been utilising for decades. The difference is that we are now using that technology as the foundation for interactive, media-rich presentations.

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